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2009 Updates

Page history last edited by Si Tyler 14 years, 2 months ago

2009 Updates


11 Apr 09

I have completed a far shot of housekeeping.  This started as a simple "me and my games" but has started to become pretty full as I sort out my stuff.  The sidebar has been given a good cleaning and you will now find most things in the respective folder in the Navigator window. 


While not a real update I have just finished putting the final tailcodes on the USAF aircraft for Thud ridge as well as putting together the CinC SA-2 guidelines which have sat in the box for months.  As a result a couple of minor tweaks to the Thud Ridge and Downtown pages.  Will put the photos and game report up hopefully over the bank holiday weekend.


13 Apr 09 

More house keeping Work In Progress now has its own page.

Thud Ridge has been updated and that is the only work I have done over the last couple of days.  The USAF aircraft all have 2 digit tailcodes less the F-4E which will be given FP codes when I get around to it (The F-4D have been done with some OY codes for the 555th).  RF-4C have been done as well with OZ but haven't done the fin tips yet.

 Added a section on Thud Ridge tactics and battle reports


17 Apr 09

Done some updates on the Downtown game


23 Apr 09

Added the first shots to the Painting Guide piece here as well as a couple of shots of the F-105 family here


27 Apr 09 

Forgot that I had USMC and Japanese armies sat in a box, which will be getting a fielding when BKC2 comes out.


30 Apr 09

99% finished the F-111 and B-52 project and quite happy with the results.  Now in process of dusting off the USMC and Japs to get some photos done


22 Jun 09

Updating the Downtown pages to reflect the progress made in setting up a game using miniatures.


1 Jul 09

Busy couple of days painting and adding decals to some USN Aircraft for Vietnam


5 Jul 09

Hope all you American's have recovered from yesterday.  It's never too late to come back LOL.  Down to the modelling, added a couple of shots of the DRV forces


7 Jul 09

Added a couple of old shots of some TD A-6 Intruders to the USN Attack Aircraft page.


9 Jul 09

Moved the CVW-16 project to its own page 


13 Jul 09

Finally got around to adding the last details to the two F-111 'varks; as well as doing some new decals for the Crusader Squadrons on USS Oriskany for the USN.


22 Oct 09

Real world has been in the way for a while so it has been good to get a brush out again.  Just finished the last of the F-4Js for Downtown/Thud Ridge.  My Ambush Alley in 15mm is coming along well.  Desert City in a Box from K&K is in the post and should arrive so I will start a section for that over the weekend.


Last Updated 21 Dec 09

Real world still getting in the way but have had a chance to get some Cold War Commander done.  Latest Pictures are up following our refight of Scenario 6 from the book


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