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Warhammer - Tomb Kings

Page history last edited by Si Tyler 13 years, 10 months ago

My Tomb Kings army has sat in its dusty box very much in keeping with the fluff since I started out with it while in York back in 2002/2003.  It hasn't been out much and is no where near finished.  The rumours of a new book and the release of the 8th Edition rule book that I thought it time to get them out and finished.  This will be WIP as usual in all my projects and efforts


First up the Army as a whole - (Without any Magic Items and tooling up done this is about 3700 Pts)



So what is in it?



Khalida for start has been my general even when just proxying for a normal TK and in 8th Edition would be interesting with a huge bow armed army.
Tomb King on Foot (who normally does for my Tomb Prince if I decide to take one of the Liche Priests as a High Priest)



4 Liche Priests (one Mounted and one with the Casket Of Souls)

Icon Bearer on foot only



5 Bases of Tomb Swarm which I didn't realise I had

50 Archers currently in units of 10

28 Spearmen including Full Command

8 Heavy Cavalry

16 Horses waiting to be either Heavy Cavalry or Light Cavalry

At the back are a couple of spare standard bearers, champion and musician figures which can get move around to where needed.



15 Tomb Guard including Full Command



6 Ushabti which I think are cracking models

9 Chariots in various states - one on which was scattered in component pieces between three spares boxes.



Screaming Scull Catapult

Bone Giant







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