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Sci Fi - Terrain

Page history last edited by Si Tyler 12 years, 2 months ago


Yes, this does say terrain.  I haven't decided how this will go just yet so needed a starter page.


I am currently making up a Sci-Fi "Dungeon" for the game which I am hoping I can keep on a 2' x 2' terrain tile with probably 3 levels of elevation.  Rules are up for grabs at present.  I have Frag plus the AVP and Bug Hunt add ons as well as looking at some "Space Hulk(tm)" type options


I have kept the forces quite small (as usual) the Aliens are probably the only thing that will be added as I don't want too many marines running around the table

 1 SF2 10 "Colonial" Marines Marines with Guns   
1 SF17 10 "Predators" AVP type games  
1 SF20 10 Civilian Males Early game options  
1 SF21 10 Civilian Females Early game options  
1 SF23 5 Medium Warrior Creatures Alternate Aliens  
1 Creatures Pack 1 x Queen, 20 x Medium creatures, 10 x Small creatures, 2 x Egg clusters and 10 x Face huggers Core pack for missions  


Start of the terrain


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