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1985 Campaign

Page history last edited by Si Tyler 11 years, 11 months ago

After messing around with campaigns and two attempts which didn't materialise due to changing jobs I have decided to run the 1985 Campaign as a "Solo" effort and then write the scenarios up as they come (which was the original idea).



These pages will hopefully keep you interested in the concept.  I aim to be able (and don't hold your breath) to be able to generate:


  • Scenarios for Modern Spearhead
  • Scenarios for Cold War Commander
  • Scenarios for Force on Force
  • Scenarios for Check Your 6 : Jet Age


You will have noticed that each of the above (less CY6:JA) is a different scale of game which might keep me going with some momentum

The actual sections that will gradually be updated can be accessed below.  I will keep chopping backwards and forwards as I paint up and sort out the formations so please don't expect either side to be finished!





6mm Terrain  




What can you expect ? For example the sample Situation Map from one of the earlier campaigns shown below would have been used to generate a Soviet Vs WG Engagement around Gifhorn.




Links to Old Information from Old Campaigns (give you a flavour)

Cold War Commander

Modern Spearhead

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