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Cold War Commander

Page history last edited by Si Tyler 14 years, 5 months ago

I have a large 6mm collection based for Modern Spearhead together with another largish collection of 15mm Vietnam.


While gaming in Cheltenham the only other player "doing" MSH has decided to hang up his armour so I have looked for something else to take its place.  Several members of the club have used BKC so I decided to try CWC for our current 1985 campaign.  Not only that but it means that the Vietnam stuff I was looking at getting rid of now get a new lease of life.


MSH Scenarios for CWC


History of a Battlegroup


73 Easting


Scenario 03 - NATO (CWC Conversion)


Scenario 03 - Soviet (CWC Conversion) 


CWC Battle Reports





     West Germans


     Soviet Tank Division 

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