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Page history last edited by Si Tyler 11 years, 11 months ago

Welcome to my Wargaming Wiki


I have been a wargamer since the age of 14 or thereabouts. I started off with the old airfix books, then Operation Warboard and into the mainstream games systems.  I have dabbled in Ancients, Napoleonic, WW1, WW2, Arab Israeli, Cold War, Current conflicts through to Fantasy and SF.  I have done land, air and sea.  I am no expert, I have always gamed for fun and being pretty mobile found opponents on the fly so periods came and went. I have ended up downsizing in the number of periods I actively game but, have ended up with both sides so It has also been easy to step into Solo gaming when opponents are lacking.



Where are we now, and what do I have left ? (anything underlined has a link to sub sections or pages):


20 March 2012


By the time I got around to updating this site I had spent plenty of effort on the Aircraft front across on Raid Scale Gaming It was May!


  1. 15mm War of Roses - Peter Pig's Bloody Barons - These have been added to and I now have enough for two complete armies.  I found a package in the garage of models I bought two years ago which will added even more bases.  This is very much a quick game which doesn't need a lot of space or time which is excellent.

  2. Napoleonic - Duchy of Warsaw - Following "input" from my good lady I was forced to sort out some boxes in the garage.  One of these contained a load of undercoated but not yet finished Infantry as well as some limbers.  I have resolved to get these finished by the end of the year.  Update I have done the limbers they need basing which leaves just the Cavalry and Infantry to do!
  3. 1/144th Scale World War 1 Aircraft - Wings of War - These are going to the car boot sale or ebay.  The kids lost interest and I lack the enthusiasm to go with it.

  4. 15mm World War II - Eastern Front - Another set of figures that haven't seent he light of day for nearly two years.  Infantry all painted up.  Soviet Armour is complete the German's armour has had a respray years ago but never finished off.  Time to get these done, "probably".

  5. 1/600th Korean War Aircraft - After Watching "The Bridges at Toko-Ri" I've been back and updated some of the Panthers.  The nice people at Scotia Grendel have provided me enough decals to finish off all of the Carrier Air Wing.  Just need to decide which carrier I am going to do.  Most of my aircraft pages have been moved to Raid Scale Gaming.

  6. 15mm Vietnam Conflict - I bought Force on Force from Osprey to replace the now OOP Ambush Alley and it looks very good so the 15mm Moderns and Vietnam will get some attention soon. Men Of Company B from Peter Pig are still one of my favourite rules sets and they continue to get a run out.
  7. 1/600th Vietnam War Aircraft - These have been constantly updated and are now on their own site.
  8. Cold War Europe - I have refound my interest in the 1985 campaign and will look at doing some more work on this.  While this will be a MSH campaign I am hoping this will tie in the both Cold War Commander, Force and Force and Check Your 6 Jet Age rule sets.

  9. 15mm Contemporary Operating Environment - Ditto the comment above regarding Force on Force. For some reason I fancy doing some of the Chechen Wars as a project. 
  10. Bloodbowl -  Sitting in a box unloved.  Possibly off the great car boot sale as well

  11. 15mm World War II - Pacific USMC vs Japanese - We haven't done a great deal with these.  Another package of 50+ figures found in the garage which will need painting up.
  12. 6mm WWII Blitzkrieg Commander II Gone never to return (the 6mm stuff has I still have the rules for 15mm)
  13. 1/600th Battle of Britain - Luftwaffe element all now painted up.  I don't have any RAF opposition yet so not sure where these are going to go.
  14. Warhammer 40K - Tau Empire.  Probably time to get rid of these or hand them over to the kids.  Great fun for a while but time to move on I think.
  15. Warhammer Fantasty - Tomb Kings  - Waiting for a new plastic box of Tomb Guard or a couple but again not sure if I have the enthusiasm to finish these off.  At the bottom of my priority list.
  16. Modern American Battlegroup -  After sitting in yet another box these are getting painted but with a view to moving them on.  The history of a battlegroup will become just that, history.
  17. 10mm Colonial (North West Frontier) My copy of Donald Featherstone's Solo Wargaming has been thumbed through on many an occasion with my fingers itching to do the North West Frontier.  Time to take the plunge.  I have Soldiers of the Queen from Years back and The Sword And the The Flame (or will have) to give me a range of options from low level skirmish to more formal affairs.  Why 15mm, well the answer is that my 15mm Contemporary Operating Environment buildings will be re-used so my terrain bill is somewhat reduced.   
  18. 10mm The Great War  Pendraken 10mm Forces for Eastern Front 1914 currently with more on order.  Planning on re-using my 6mm terrain due to the Ground scale. No eye candy yet but stand by.
  19. 10mm Sci Fi - Pendraken 10mm Forces (Aliens and Marines to use with both the Frag Rules and anyother small scale skirmish rules that I can find (possibly even adapt GW Spacehulk)



2009 has now moved here


2010 has now moved here


2011 has now moved here




Work really has been getting in the way of spare time.  According to this page I didn't do anything last year!  Just coming to the end of my current piece of work so a bit more time on my hands than of late.  My WW1 collection has finally made light of day and actually all been painted (don't worry the horsemen of the Apocalypse are no where to be seen as before finishing the last figure I have placed another order with Pendraken...So no danger of the world finishing).

Helping the Peter Pig team with play testing of the new square bashing rules as well as getting back into Great War Spearhead.

Eye Candy will start to appear somewhere around here.


Minor deviation into a bit of 10mm Sci Fi on an "Alien" theme can be found here ignore the title of the page it was all I had at the time !


June Update

Projects come and go. So far in June I have:

  • Added more units to the WW1 German and British Empire forces.
  • Dusted off my GW Khemri Army and refreshed a couple of figures and bases.
  • 12 GTD has been reviewed and the missing elements of 200 MR Regiment have been added.
  • Air Assault formation for 3 Combined Arms Army identified (899th).  I have added some Heroics and Ros Soviet Airborne units and BMDs and just adding the finished details to that unit.
  • Updated the Rotoary support for the Soviets with 2 Mi-26 Halo proxying in for Mi-6 Hook aircraft.  The Mi-8 and Mi-24 have been given new rotor blades from Hurlbat. 
  • 1st Armoured Division of 1 (Br) Corps has had 4 RTR added to it.  Need another pack of GHQ chieftans plus 1 Scorpion and 2 FV438 to finish it off.
  • West German 1st Panzer Division has had a second Leopard II battalion added which now gives me enough assets for a Pz Gr and Pz Bde.  WG Infantry have been updated for the Pz Gr Bde using Mainforce.
  • For Downtown I have added another B-52G.  The second one is put together but is currently mislaid in the garage following an incident with a football hitting the painting table!
  • WWII German armour has had some wheeled vehicles updated and are nearly finished. 


  • Big update to the 1985 campaign after my conversations with the net community.












The sidebar will give you a chance to see the models (hopefully in action) and my experiences with the rule sets used.  In the end these are games and I do it for fun so please treat my remarks in that context.


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