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History of a Battlegroup

Page history last edited by Si Tyler 14 years, 10 months ago

This will chart the progress of a 1/144 scale battlegroup for use in CWC games, as well as possible use in Ambush Alley. 


It is based on Eagle Troop, 2nd Squadron, 2nd Armored Cavalry Regiment.


  • 9 M1A1 Abrams
  • 13 M3A2 Bradley
  • 2 M106 SP Mortars
  • M88 Recovery Vehicle
  • 2 M113 Ambulances
  • M577 Command Post
  • 4 HMMWV
  • 5 Ton Truck
  • 2 1-1/2 Ton Trucks
  • FIST-V


Which was organised into:

  • Troop HQ M577, M3A2 and M1A1
  • 1st Platoon of 6 M3A2
  • 2nd Platoon of 4 M1A1 HA
  • 3rd Platoon of 6 M3A2
  • 4th Platoon of 4 M1A1 HA
  • Headquarters Platoon - Balance


I looked at 1 model equalling 2 vehicles for everything except the Command elements; This allows:

  •  CO (M1A1), and two HQ's (M577 and M3A2)
  •  FAO in M981 FIST-V
  • 1st Platoon of 3 M3A2
  • 2nd Platoon of 2 M1A1
  • 3rd Platoon of 3 M3A2
  • 4th Platoon of 2 M1A1
  • M106 SP Mortar


Which is a reasonable sized force to start of my adventure into CWC.  So what about models.  As this is a new project I didn't want to go full tilt into this so I went browsing on the net and found a number of online retailers carrying the Drago Can.Do series of vehicles.  Better still one of the them was doing a 50% offer.


I have ordered the following packs:

  • 3 x Bradley M2A2. This is a dual pack and provides a MLRS launcher in the same pack for future enhancements
  • 4 x Bradley M3A2.  Another dual pack this includes the M113A3 which I aim to convert/mess around with to get another HQ and the FAO and possibly the M106 but we will see when the model arrives
  • 4 x M1A2 and M109A6.  This would be the core of the armour and some of table artillery for the FAO to call in.


So my plan backfired at stage 1 with me forgetting to order another M1A2 for my HQ.  I still need to look at an M577, but until then I will proxy with one of the M113s.  The mix of M2A2 and M3A3 will be looked at when the models arrive and I can see what needs doing.  Essentially they are the same vehicle (from a gamers perspective) and stowage and paint will hide any differences.


Modelling, Painting and Basing.  The first thing that will have to go however will be any post 1991 modifications such as the identification panels which appear on the box art as well as the armoured cupola on the M113.  Anyway getting ahead of ourselves as they haven't arrived yet so no idea what needs chopping up.  What I do need however is some infantry so minifigs will be getting a call  later.  Along with possibly another M3A2 pack and the missing M1A2 from my orbat.


6 Apr 08 - Despite the two shops saying order despatched before the weekend. Nothing in the post aaargh....! at least eh QRF MDF bases turned up (so I can at least do a bit of sanding etc).


7 Apr 08 - Box one of two arrived today with all the Dragon vehicles in, so a frantic unpack and the first M2A2 stuck together.  The plastic on the tracks is quite pliable so definitely needs basing.  Not so much a hurdle but the Bradley model is quite wide so the 25 x 50 bases are too small, next step up are the 30 x 50s which still dont leave a lot of room.  I need to give an abrams a quick dry run to see if they fit the same size bases.  Luckily I have some 2mm MDF in the garage just in case, so will have to experiment.  It does mean that I will have some spare bases for the Arab Israeli stuff that will follow so I have saved some cash (really !).  While the M1A2 is drying time to get the books out and have a look at the opportunities for some extra detailing as the Bradley model is fab.


9 Apr 08 - I have stuck all the M1A2's together which were really simple models.  The M2 and M3's again are straightforward and I have mixed up the stowage between them all.  The M113A3s however really need a good washing as the small pieces in the kit are very flexible so need a bit more care.

Tonight will be a chance to undercoat them all black.



As you can see from the bases, the Abrams don't fit on the standard 50mm tank base so need a bigger base.  I have put the Bradleys on tank bases so I will probably keep them.  The two M113s are on HQ 40x40 and look okay.  The CO Bradley which will proxy for the M1A1 CO (now ordered) is on a 50 x 50.  I tried an Abrams but is too big to add anything else on when I change the CO I will cut a custom base.


White undercoat is the way ahead for desert vehicles.



Abrahms gets the same treatment


Base wash on the Bradley and the detail starts to show through


A second wash, this time devlan mud and I am really happy.  Time now to add the detail and get some other colours on the model




I think I will base the Bradley before doing anymore painting just to give myself something better to hold (and it will hide the underside!)






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